Solar powered lighting is an increasingly popular option which has changed people’s attitude towards energy utilization and conservation. Solar powered options are affordable and eco-friendly. Using the sun’s energy saves electricity and fuel costs. Solar powered technology has brought about more efficient batteries, the inclusion of photovoltaic cells and advanced circuitry. This ensures that they work all year long and through the seasons; on cold winter nights and such. Solar garden lights are more than just lighting, they can be used for landscaping. They add a refreshing glow to your garden. With the advances of technology, one single charge is enough to run the lights for many nights.

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  • Solar garden lights are powered by photovoltaic effect. This technology is the same way that sunlight generates energy in solar cells. Solar cells convert sunlight into direct current. The solar cells that power solar garden lights have different parts. The front part consists of a chemical that creates negatively charged electrons. The back of the cell consists of chemicals that create positive electrons and crystalline silicone. When the sun passes over the cells, it activates the front part which triggers electrons that pass through the back of the cell into positively charged spaces.

  • The charged spaces transfer solar power through the wires embedded into the cells. The process of transfer of sunlight into energy, then storing it and sending it to the solar powered lights is the photovoltaic system. The solar panel draws the sun in, then charges and stores the energy it makes in the photovoltaic panel in the light. When it charges during the day, it leaves enough power for it to be lit during the night. The process begins all over again during sunrise.

  • There are many styles of solar garden lights. There are clear and coloured lights; there are plastic and metal, there are modern looking and vintage designs. It comes to issues of taste and appeal when you are choosing the design. Solar powered technology has LED lighting accents. They are clearer and brighter than the normal bulbs. They generate very little heat therefore they conserve energy much better. They even generate decorative colours for effects and bringing out a certain look to the garden. Solar energy eliminates the need to have outdoor electrical outlets which can be expensive. They are a solution to landscaping affordably. They add illumination and appeal to your garden.

The only challenge lies in the winter months. Nights are longer than days and there may be not much sunlight to activate the PV panel. In the winter months, these garden lights should be stored indoors since snowfall could render them ineffective. Solar energy in the garden is the way to go especially in landscaping. The process of landscaping itself takes quite some money so having to save money in lighting will go a long way in making sure that you use the most affordable and appealing techniques of landscaping. Solar garden lights should be placed in a strategic position in the outdoors where they can get as much sunlight as possible.