How Solar Street Lights Are Changing The World

As the need for renewable energy continues to rise, it is finally becoming more and more apparent to countries all over the world that climate change is real and we have to do everything we can to counter it.

Solar energy, while not yet as well developed as other energy sources, continues to build up popularity as it reduces the cost of electricity and creates a long-term solution to having power without hurting our planet.

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  • Several countries are beginning to embrace this new energy type and looking at what they’ve done feels like taking a much needed breath of fresh air.
    It will always be easier for certain countries to adopt new ideas than others because of different political and financial factors.
    Having said that, Installing street lights in cities across the globe is an important step in the right direction.

  • The state of the environment has an effect on all of us, regardless of our location, monthly income or social standing. It’s something we must all take seriously and get involved in. If we look at the most highly

    polluted places on the planet, that effect is abundantly clear. It shows in the quality of life and general state of health that people have to deal with on a daily basis.

    Having known this fact, certain countries have already begun taking the initiative. In France, an innovative designer named Mathieu Lehanneur has created solar-powered street lights that resemble trees.

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On top of lighting the streets of Paris at night using the free energy provided by the sun, those particular street lights even feature sockets that people can plug their smartphones into and charge.

It’s eco-friendly, beautiful and even charges your phone for free. Imagine if we replaced the entire world’s street lamps with a model that is this much more friendly and effective! Hopefully, this is a vision can be realized in the not-too-distant future.

Now, solar street lights certainly aren’t the answer to all of the world’s problems. But they are a step forward and a reasonably accessible investment for a lot of countries to make.

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  • To give you an example, Harare, a city in Zimbabwe, discussed an investment of $15 million USD to be made in order to bring solar lighting to their city streets.

    Municipal officials expect that this project will save the city about $200 000 USD on electric bills every month. For this city in particular, the project does even more than to save on expenses and help the environment.

  • Frequent blackouts caused by energy shortages have made the people of Harare a target for late night crime. The good news is that the overall benefits drawn from this investment seem to make the project a no-brainer among city officials.

    Solar lighting projects have also begun to appear in certain parts of the Caribbean, the Philippines and Barcelona. It’s good to see that several nations are beginning to take real action in the hopes of making a difference and hopefully many other countries will soon follow their example. Lights Are Changing The World

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