Solar Street Lights NMS-001-30W

Noemasun solar street lights, the coolest solar lights on the planet, Exceptional Performance, The only thing that’s changed is everything. It’s time to start something new!

  • solar street lights

    • 1- Solar Panel
      2- Bracket
      3- Led Lighting Source
      4- Controller

    • 5- Lamp Arm
      6- Battery Buried Box
      7- Foundation Kit
      8- Gel Battery

  • solar street lights

  • solar street ligths china

Model Power System Voltage Battery Capacity Solar Panel Solar Controller Rainy day Color Temperature Class Certification
NMS-001-30W 30W 12V 105AH 120W IR/WB 1.5 4500-6000K IP67 CE/UL
NMS-002-30W 30W 12V 165AH 120W IR/WB 3 4500-6000K IP67 CE/UL
NMS-002-30W 30W 12V 165AH 120W IR/WB 3 4500-6000K IP67 CE/UL

Separate LED solar street light system

Led Lighting Source

  • High quality integration of radiator and aluminum lamp shell.
    – excellent in luminous efficiency
    – higher wind resistant
    – lower in weight
    – smaller in volume
    – strong in applicationled lighting

    Working Temper -30 – +50℃
    Working Humidity 10-90 %
    Working Life 50000H
    IP 65
  • let lighting source

    led lighting form

Integrated DC Driver & Solar Controller with Dimmer

  • Features:
    – Integrated design: Integrated solar controller & driver, greatly simplify installation;
    – Dimming funcation;
    – High conversion efficiency;
    – IP68;
    – Good heat dispersion;
    – Resistance to high/ low temperature:-35℃~60℃
    – Lightning protection;
    – Reversed accumulator polarity protection;
    – Reverse discharging protection at night;
    – Overall solid protection of open circuit, short circuit, over current, over voltage, and over power.
    -Intelligent power mode, can be automatically adjusted according to the load power and battery power, maximum battery working time.
  • Integrated DC Driver

  • Solar Panel

  • Storage Battery

  • Features:
    -Pmax:120W *1PC;
    -Vmp (V):18.3V ;
    -Imp (A):6.55A ;
    -Size:1280*670*30mm ;
    -Weight:10Kg .


    • Monocrystalline silicon solar cell
    • Polycrystalline silicon thin film solar cell
    • The amorphous silicon thin film solar cell
  • solar panel

  • Features:
    -Charge discharge cycle number
    -Low self discharge rate
    -Long service life
    -Deep discharge ability
    -High charging efficiency
    -Free maintenance
    -High environmental protection

    storage battery02

  • storage battery

    • Lead-acid batteries
    • gel batteries
    • lithium iron batteries
    • alkaline nickel cadmium batteries

Basic installation

Basic installation

Optic Characters & Light Pattern

  • light pattern

  • light pattern 2

Illuminance Distribution on the Ground – 5m Height


The Illuminance Chart (w/ LENS60°×120°)

chart 2



  • solar street lights application

  • solar street lights application02

  • the only thing that’s changed is everything